Orphan Brown is a web series Amanda created about the Peanuts Gang, abandoned 20 years ago, 
left to grow up with only themselves...and their dialogue. In an homage to Orphan Black, Amanda plays all 11 characters!
Orphan Brown Trailer
Episode 1: World's Best Boss
Charlie shows off his managerial skills.
Episode 3: Frenemies
Have you met Frieda's hair?
Episode 5: Boy Talk
Linus and Charlie have a boys night in.
Episode 7: The Back Seat
Charlie reminisces of a simpler time.
It's Halloween, Orphan Brown
The gang celebrates.
Episode 2: Sharp as a Marble
It's hard out here for a Sally.
Episode 4: Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Up to bat...Patty.
Episode 6: The Great Stick in the Hole Trick
Three's Company
Episode 8: Life Lessons
The gang shares what they've learned.
The OB Cutting Room Floor
A few extra bits...