Amanda is the Founder and Managing & Artistic Director of Bucket List Theatre - a small but mighty group of actors and creatives making a platform for themselves and others to give Los Angeles audiences fun, fresh, exciting theatre. Bucket List Theatre was founded in 2016 by Amanda, it is named for her own "bucket list" of shows she'd like to do in her lifetime. Amanda has directed and choreographed all of Bucket List's productions to date. Bucket List has been named Stage Raw "Top Ten" & "Recommended", a Better Lemons "Must-See" and received the Hollywood Fringe "Encore! Producers' Award" for Amanda's show Missmatch.
"Silence! hits its targets from all angles...staging the movement and scene changes with dead-on timing." - Stage and Cinema
"There isn't a moment missed, nor scene ignored in this brightly-paced lavish extravaganza. That has a lot to do with the Director, Choreographer and Production Designer, Amanda Conlon...There is a ton of choreography that they all ably and unmitigatedly perform, catching all the nuances to each "style" that is presented...The choreography alone gave me great pleasure and enjoyment...The many songs were clever, inventive and pretty darn funny, always moving the plot along rapidly and with intent. Bravo to Amanda Conlon for such attention to detail and imparting this to the entire cast. It pays off, and is not easily accomplished..." - BroadwayWorld
"There are intricately choreographed dance sequences to delight us. This is such a brilliant show. Bucket List Theatre can do no wrong with this production. Casting every role so extraordinarily well. Funny, smart, inventive and full of wonderful songs and so many opportunities for brilliance from the performers. I absolutely loved it!!" - NoHo Arts District
"Amanda Conlon takes on the role of FBI trainee Clarice Starling as well as serving the production as both director and choreographer; a demanding load to take on but a choice the production doesn’t seem to suffer from...The presentation is strictly bare-board, which highlights the cleverness and the silliness of the show of which the evening abounds with excess...non-stop snickers and chortles." - TVolution
"SILENCE! THE MUSICAL is the trick to treat!" - Accessibly Live Off-Line
"I am not exactly sure how Ms. Conlon found (or perhaps created) such an amazing mix of naughty tunes, but I can say each one kept me laughing at the unexpected language and subject matter throughout the entire show." - BroadwayWorld
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